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A Guide on Starting a Home-based Franchising Business

These days, we often look for a practical way to start a new business without thinking about adding additional costs for a commercial space. A home-based franchise could be a perfect match for a business-minded individual. Every year, more and more people are working from home, either through telecommuting or

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Ways You Can Save on Shipping Costs When Relocating Internationally

Relocating to a new country is as exciting as it gets, but moving abroad can be expensive regardless of which nation you choose for the relocation. Several aspects can affect the cost of moving overseas that you can’t control, and if you’re not careful, you can face seriously high bills

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Retain Good Tenants by Managing the Relationship

Letting your property is a popular way to earn passive income these days. Many people have a spare room to start with; others find it sensible to buy a house and use the rent to subsidize the cost. Getting an EICR and the rest of your paperwork in order is

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Logistics are Booming, but Several Jobs Are Under Threat

In 1995, Jeff Bezos launched Amazon, selling printed books online. We know what happened over the next two decades. Amazon is now one of the biggest companies in the world, making over $230 billion a year, and that number is only set to rise. Logistics, the commercial industry of storing

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Strength in Numbers: How to Build a Sense of Community

Strength in numbers. This is a phrase one commonly hears when they are seeking a sense of community. Whether it is joining causes, fighting a stigma or collaborating for meaningful projects, being part of something bigger than yourself is essential to your growth. After all, “love and belonging” is the

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Best Investments You Should Make Throughout the Course of Your Life

You probably hear the word “investments” a lot, but have you ever been profoundly interested in it? If you’re employed, chances are the only investments you’ve made are health insurance and retirement funds. Those two are definitely essential and beneficial, but there are several more investments that can improve the

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Financial Relief Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

As the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc worldwide, health is not the only thing under threat. Financial problems have arisen in all corners of the world. The International Monetary Fund says that there’s a global recession. Singapore, among the world’s most competitive economies, is set to suffer its first full-year recession in 20 years. Predictably, it’s

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