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What Determines the Mortgage You Can Afford?

Homes for sale have plummeted at their lowest level in 17 years, according to a Reuters report. That’s on a national scale. On a local scale, areas like Ogden are seeing fewer houses on sale. Real estate agents claim it is the tightest market they have ever seen in recent

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Get Professional Help And Escape Nightmare Tenants

Without the proper expertise, dealing with tenants in a rental facility can have you walking on walls and losing a fortune in the process. Nightmare tenants are known to have cost their landlords’ losses amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Luckily, retaining the help of reliable property management services

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Ten Must-Follow Tips for Entertaining at a Condo

You did it- you’ve taken the big leap. You looked at numerous condos for sale in Manila and finally settled on one that you’ll call home. What better way to celebrate this momentous occasion than by bringing guests over and having a party? Fortunately, you can still be the ultimate host

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Condo Buying: 4 Surprises to Prepare for When Taking Out a Loan

Residing close to a business district is key to a promising life. The job opportunities are plentiful and diverse, the entertainment hubs are easily accessible, and — more importantly — the housing options are wide. The residential markets in commercial centers, especially those in Alabang, are destined for decades of

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Fume Control Options for Plasma Cutting Tables

Metal cutting is one of the critical tasks in most operations in the automotive sector. There are several thermal cutting options currently used across in this industry. The three primary ones include laser, ox-fuel, and plasma cutting. Oxy-fuel cutting is the oldest thermal cutting method on the market but has


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