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Strength in Numbers: How to Build a Sense of Community

Strength in numbers. This is a phrase one commonly hears when they are seeking a sense of community. Whether it is joining causes, fighting a stigma or collaborating for meaningful projects, being part of something bigger than yourself is essential to your growth. After all, “love and belonging” is the

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Best Investments You Should Make Throughout the Course of Your Life

You probably hear the word “investments” a lot, but have you ever been profoundly interested in it? If you’re employed, chances are the only investments you’ve made are health insurance and retirement funds. Those two are definitely essential and beneficial, but there are several more investments that can improve the

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Financial Relief Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

As the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc worldwide, health is not the only thing under threat. Financial problems have arisen in all corners of the world. The International Monetary Fund says that there’s a global recession. Singapore, among the world’s most competitive economies, is set to suffer its first full-year recession in 20 years. Predictably, it’s

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Five Scenarios Where You Should Hire Someone Instead of Outsourcing for Business Needs

Prospective employees rarely consider the challenges faced by employers in filling a position; if you’ve ever been involved in the hiring process, you’ll know that finding a good candidate can be so hard, many businesses would prefer to outsource more in order to cover areas of need. But in these

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Beyond the Boardroom: How Board Members Can Raise Funds for Their Nonprofit

Being part of a nonprofit’s board of directors is a fulfilling role. You get to be at the helm of steering an organization in solving the world’s problems – be it poverty, hunger, good governance, and mental health awareness. Nonprofit organizations rely on their boards to help in a multitude

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Financial Net Worth: What it is and How to Increase It

Figuring out your financial net worth will give you an accurate measurement of your financial health. Here’s how you can calculate how much you’re truly worth and how to increase that value. What is financial net worth and why is it important? Your financial net worth is the sum of

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Underrated Australian Cities Near Melbourne for Families to Live In

Australia is home to pleasant weather, beautiful beaches, and abundant wildlife. It also boasts of some incredible cities that are excellent locations to raise a family. You might know Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, but there’s more to Australia’s sprawling municipalities than that. If you’re seeking a new place to settle

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