Protect Yourself from Stalkers

Being a victim of the crime of stalking can create so much trauma. It messes with people’s ability to trust others, creates paranoia and anxiety that may not have been there before, and other types of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTDS) symptoms. Moreover, anyone can be a victim, which means we must

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Find the Answer: What Plagues the Construction Industry?

Several studies and analyses conducted by the construction sector predict that the industry will continue to expand. It is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.9 percent to reach $1,804.8 billion by 2023. Despite this, there is still a general feeling of optimism in the

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Getting the Most Out of Your Savings Account: What to Do

Let’s face it: everybody wants to be in a financially stable position in life. For us to be in a financially stable place, we have first to save up. However, there are situations where we are tempted to buy some products and utilize some catered services to our needs and

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The 5 Major Risks Every Business Owner Should Prepare For

Many businesses face closures because of one reason or another. According to United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 20 percent of newly opened businesses will close permanently within the first 24 months of operation. This is because owning and running a business is an inherently risky proposition. There are

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The Value of Refinancing for Homeowners

As a first-time homebuyer, it can be overwhelming to navigate the waters of real estate and mortgages when you have no one by your side. But even if you had an expert guiding you along the way, you might still encounter problems that you never thought was possible until it

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How the Pandemic Is Changing How People Look at Life Insurance

The importance of life insurance has never been put to highlight today more than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic has made many people look at their financial status with more seriousness and examine how financially secure they are. With numerous people losing their jobs, businesses, and the worst—lives, life insurance now

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Ways to Know Whether Your Customers Are Satisfied

There are a lot of factors that businessmen look at when they’re starting a business or keeping it going. These factors could be the marketing strategy that they have to build, the products that they have to produce, and the ways to attract customers and build assets of the business. But they


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